Monday, May 23, 2011

Who knew cupcakes could be so dangerous?!?

I just wanted to explain why I have been missing in action lately. A while back I hurt my wrist and had been pushing past the pain to decorate the stuff I was doing. One night I noticed that my fingers were really cold to the touch and numb so I made an appt to see my doctor the next day. He ended up telling me that I have muscles that are swelling with no where to go which then is cutting off the bloodflow to my hand. Eventually this will lead to permanent damage, numbness, or worst case scenario would be emergency surgery to restore bloodflow if I push it too far. Only solution he had for me is to stop what was causing the swelling which would be piping out all of the decorations which equals not making anymore cupcakes. He said this is something that would not fix itself and so I would have to be careful of what I do forever. I'm sure you can imagine how upset I was once I got to my car from his office. I'm sure if the people around me in the parking lot knew I was crying over cupcakes they would think I was crazy lol.

So I have tried to take it easy since then in hopes that I will get complete feeling back in my hand. It hasn't happened yet so I am wondering if maybe I pushed too far already. I guess only time will tell. I have a wedding this week (check back for the pictures!) of some of our closest friends that I will be doing the cupcakes for. It has been planned for months and I just couldn't NOT do it since this came up. I am so honored they asked me and they are two of the nicest and sweetest people I have met so I am so happy to do this for them. I am also excited to get to decorate again. Unfortunately it will be the last big order I will do. After that I am going to take a break and just have fun here and there baking and decorating on days I feel my wrist can take it. I am hoping doing them in smaller amounts (maybe 1 dozen instead of 20 dozen) instead of such large amounts at once will help things out and not be as bad on the swelling. I will still post pictures when I do and hope you keep checking in to see them!

So that is why you haven't seen much for a while. Hopefully you will be seeing more soon! Thanks for all of your comments, emails, and for always checking in!



Siera said...

I don't know you but found you via the pioneer woman. I love to bake and cake decorate cupcakes moreso than anything becuase it's easier. One thing I am going to tell you is that if there is a chance that you might not have feeling in your hand stop decorating ASAP. These friends of yours may be the nicest and sweetest people ever, but I don't think they would want you to risk your health for their wedding cake. How do you think thjey would feel knowing that you doing their wedding cake contributed to loss of feeling in your hand/fingers? Take your health first girl. You have two little boys whose Mama needs her hands to keep up with them.

Lydia said...

Christy, I am sooo sorry to hear this...Your health comes first though and girl you need to take care of yourself...your family needs you...take care of yourself...keep us up to date with what is going on and how your are doing...

karen said...

I don't really know you at all, but that sounds terrible and I hope your wrist really gets better as soon as possible and that you can relax while waiting for it to heal. Get better soon and hope you can continue your cupcake making in the near future!