Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flower Cluster Cupcakes

One of my favorite (and I think one of the prettiest) designs to do on the cupcakes is this one. I think it is one of those that always turn out pretty no matter what colors you are using. I call it a flower cluster because that is what it reminds me of. Others might not think so but it is what I see when looking at it :)


Siera said...

What tip did you use to do these?

Dana said...

Christy, these are the most beautifully decorated cupcakes I've ever seen. Would you be willing to share how you do them with me?
granolagirltoo at gmail dot com

Christy said...

Hi ladies! Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond to this!! I just caught that I had comments. I use wilton tip 54 to make these. Basically all I do is make little swirls next to each other starting on the outside and working my way in. With the swirl I make it like you would an icecream swirl or even a 1M swirl on a cupcake just a lot smaller. How I get the multi colors in there is I bag 2 different colors in the same bag. Kind of like what is shown here... just I don't have the fancy bags like that. I just do it in a regular one. Hopefully this helps!! I have gotten this question a lot so maybe I will do a better explanation of it in a post soon. Thanks for asking!! :)